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Oct 01, 2015:
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About Me

My name is Michael Cookson and I am a property investor based in the North East of England. I have over 70 of my own properties and I help investors purchase property on a daily basis at substancial discounts.


Investors Guide To UK Property

Property investment has been around for decades, with landlords dating back as far as history goes, and renting property generally speaking has been the norm for most low class civilians. However, times are now changing, and more people are starting to get on the property ladder.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that traditional property investment is no longer worth doing, in fact it is more profitable than ever. It is all about the strategy that you choose to use for your investment. Below we have highlighted some of the options you can take if you buy a house quickly for cash and have some equity to play with.

Wait it out and rent.
One of the simplest property investment options is to rent out your property to a paying tenant. You simply rely on getting the rent each and every month, keep up with property repairs and plan your exit strategy when the market is high. You can even look at selling to your tenant at a set date in order to get the best price possible for your property – try Quick House Sale for this.

A popular method of property investment in the turbulent times we are currently facing is property flipping. Basically this involves purchasing a property for as much discount as possible, then putting it straight back on the open market at a higher price. This is a great way of profiting from your investment quickly and getting your money back that you put in. Sometimes investors use bridging loans to help them purchase, in which case you don’t even need to use any of your own funds.

Lease Options.
Lease options are slightly different to property purchasing, in that you don’t actually buy the property from the seller. What you do is take over the mortgage and up keep of the property for an agreed number of years. In that agreed amount of years you have the option whether or not you would like to buy the property.

As we discussed earlier there are many ways in which you can profit from property, you just need to have your wits about you, make sure you are buying a good investment in the first place and also ask for advice from experts. If you follow this guide you really can’t go wrong, and your property investment will surely bare fruits.